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  • Coulee City Teen Charged with Manslaughter
    The Coulee City teen accused of killing his twin brother was in Grant County Superior Court Tuesday. Deputy Kyle Foreman from the Grant County Sheriff’s office said, “The suspect was charged as an adult, and is facing a charge of manslaughter. His bail has been set at $50,000.” In court... The post Coulee City Teen Charged with Manslaughter appeared first on NewsRadio 560 KPQ.
  • Single-Lane and Full Roadway Closures Over Snoqualmie This Week
    Drivers crossing Snoqualmie Pass this winter have noticed patches where it is difficult to determine where the lanes are, particularly at night...
  • De-Icer Clean Roads, but Hurt Cars
    Our wild winter meant road crews were often on the roadways trying to clear off snow and laying down de-icer, and that could mean damage to your car...
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