The 104th Apple Blossom Festival drew thousands to the Wenatchee Valley with their Stemilt Grand Parade Saturday.

Visitors got the chance to see Apple Blossom Royalty, incredibly fantastical floats, and a flurry of community organizations, all coming together to celebrate what the Valley has to offer.

“This is Wenatchee and the parade is the highlight of the year,” local resident Kathy Gut said.

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Gut says she enjoys the sight of horses prancing down the street, traditional Mexican dancing, and the classic cars.

This year's Applarian Chancellor Matt Smeller says he is happy with how the parade went.

“I love to see the community come together to celebrate our diversity, our agriculture in this community, and friendships,” Smeller said. “I love just seeing everyone come together and celebrate.”

Apple Blossom Stemilt Grand Parade 2023

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