Best & WORST Trick Or Treat Candy To Give Out for Halloween in WA

What's the WORST candy to give out for Halloween? We’ve heard the complaints: Nobody gives out the GOOD candy for Halloween anymore. It can be disappointing to kids to do all of that trick-or-treating only to end up with a bucket full of the most yucky candy they don’t even like to eat. Kids in Washington state want the BEST trick or treat candies for Halloween and we have some great suggestions for you, then we’ll tell you the worst.

Whether you are hosting/participating in a trunk or treat or if you plan to pass out candies to trick or treaters at your front door, when you go to the store to buy all that candy please make sure you get the kinds that kids actually LIKE. 


You want to Trick or Treaters to keep coming back to your house every year? Be known for giving out the GOOD candy. Here are six of the best. It’s what the people demand!


1 . Snickers


Full sized Snickers are the BEST but those little mini ones are cool, too. Snickers really DOES satisfy!


2 . Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups


3 . KitKat


4 . Skittles


5 . Twix 


Twix are my favorite candy to get on Halloween. My daughter hates them so I always get to enjoy them as  the “Mommy Tax”!


6 . Peanut M&Ms

Peanut M&Ms from target


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Don’t even bother giving out any of these for Halloween - ever!


1 . Candy Corn


2 . Circus Peanuts Marshmallow Candy

Circus Peanuts are gross for Halloween candy

3 . Tootsie Rolls


4 . Good & Plenty

Good and Plenty candy is yucky for Halloween


5 . Baby Ruth


6 . Black Licorice

7 . Cheap Dollar Store Candy

8 . Fast Food Store Condiments (Yes, that’s a thing!)


Condiment Packets for Halloween

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