While Alice in Chains may not be the first band you think of when it comes to black metal merchandise, the group actually does have a black metal hoodie for sale on their current tour that embraces the black metal artistic aesthetic.

As shared by Reddit user superfuzz30, Alice in Chains have a wealth of merch designs for their current tour with Breaking Benjamin and Bush, but one of the items garnering the most attention is No. 11 at the merch table (as seen in the photo below), a black metal-esque hoodie with the band's name scrawled out in white against the hoodie's black backdrop in the gangly spider-like design popularized as the "illegible black metal logo."

While Alice in Chains are considered as leaders of the grunge rock era, the band did play with metal acts in their early days. But much of their recent touring has paired them with many of active rock's top bands, including the current trek where they're sharing the bill with Breaking Benjamin and Bush.

Though the merch post was meant to draw attention to all the assorted items for sale for the current tour, there were several posters commenting on the black metal hoodie.

"I can't believe the deathcore logo shirt," stated one commenter, while they were answered with, "It's so dope." "Excellent metal band logo," offered another person on the thread, as another stated, "Fuck me that #11 looks sick."

Not everyone was a fan, with one poster suggesting, "No. 11 doesn't really fit their style," while they were countered by another poster stating, "I think that's the point."

While the black metal hoodie appears to be a point of conversation amongst AIC fans, it's also notable that the band is also providing something special for old school fans, selling a reprint of their 1992 tour T-shirt from the Dirt era as well.

You can catch Alice in Chains out on tour with Breaking Benjamin and Bush, and perhaps pick up some new merch in the process. Get your tickets for the run here.

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