Full disclosure, I'm not a beer drinker. But I do have quite a few friends who are beer drinkers. Some are a little quirky. (This means you Lon.) and everybody has opinions about what makes good beer. I think everyone would agree that quality ingredients make good, anything. (Including beer.) 


Back when I was in junior high, I remember all the beer commercials on TV. You know, we had Rainier beer, we had Olympia beer. (It's the water.) Honestly, I can't remember what beer my dad drank. But he did love an ice-cold beer on a summer Saturday. 

It was interesting to notice that farmland.org sent out a news release regarding what they're calling a US farmed certificate.
American Farmland Trust (AFT), a national nonprofit that helps to keep American farmers on their land, launched a new U.S. Farmed certification and packaging seal for products that derive at least 95 percent of their agricultural ingredients from farms in the United States.” 

Budweiser Celebrates July 4th With Jersey City's Freedom & Fireworks Festival
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The interesting thing to me here is that Anheuser Busch has announced that they will be the first company to adopt the US Farmed Certificate and seal for several of their beer brands. The seal will be showing up on Bush Light in May then later in the spring or summer you might see it showing up on Bud Light and Michelob Ultra. 

Anheuser-Busch InBev Launches Organic Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Beer
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The goal of the US Farmed Certificate program is to raise money that will benefit farmers across the entire united states with special programs and advisory services to help farmers access, protect and maintain American farmland. 

 Anheuser-Busch is First to Adopt American Farmland Trust’s U.S. Farmed Certification - American Farmland Trust 

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