It never fails. Just when you think that scammers can't get any more devious or mean. Something new pops up. This time, we're seeing it in Michigan and will probably be spreading out from there quickly. 

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One way that scammers confuse, get information and cash from victims is to impersonate government officials. They target individuals with threatening emails, phone calls and texts. Now scammers are escalating their game. In Michigan there is a new Social Security scam. Creeps impersonating SSA OIG agents are asking their victims to meet them in person to give them cash. Expect to see it popping up in Washington state soon. 

According to,
“The Social Security Administration (SSA) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is receiving alarming reports that criminals are impersonating SSA OIG agents and are requesting that their targets meet them in person to hand off cash. SSA OIG agents will never pick up money at your door or in any type of exchange. This is a SCAM!” 

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Inspector General Gail S. Ennis says “While our agents are out in the field, they will not ask you for money. I urge you not to respond to these kinds of requests.”

Remember, national government agencies will never threaten you with incarceration or legal action if you don't send them money immediately. (Certainly not in person.) 

Protect yourself. If you think you're talking to a scammer, don't engage with them, just hang up, or ask them to leave. Then communicate with your bank, call the police and file a police report. 

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These crooks will run their scam in an area until it is no longer profitable, then they will move to a new area. The pushier that person is on phone, online or in person, the more likely that they are scamming you. 

Their prime target is people who are easily confused, not Internet savvy and easily intimidated. 

Be alert, be safe, be ready to say no.

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