I'm still not sure I believe this, but there is apparently a startup called BrainBridge and their new concept is a head transplant system powered by AI and robotics. 

according to iflscience.com
promising to combine artificial intelligence with the latest in robotics to literally remove a human head and put it on a new body. If everything works as intended, once the head is in place, the person will apparently be able to get up and go about the rest of their life with a brand-new set of healthy limbs and organs.” 

BrainBridge youtube
BrainBridge youtube

The key words here are "If everything works as intended". I'm still not sure I believe this, but there is apparently a startup called BrainBridge and their new concept is a head transplant system powered by AI and robotics. This has to be a scam to raise money and then vanish into thin air.

Watching the video, it looks perfectly feasible, right? Well, this is pretty much science fiction. That's not to say that this is something that hasn't been dreamed about by neurosurgeons for decades. Robert J white is a good example, a brilliant surgeon who in the past has pioneered new revolutionary techniques in neurosurgery that are used today. This guy has also experimented with head transplants on primates with marginal success. (They survived the initial procedure but were paralyzed.) 

I honestly can't count the number of science fiction novels I have read over the years with this as a key theme in the book's plot line. Dream on. 

BrainBridge youtube
BrainBridge youtube

Even if it does become possible, is it something we should actually do? 

I know there are people out there that believe that you should live your “four score and 20 years” and then pass away.  

If it were possible and I had my way, I would be on “team forever”. There are things in my life that I like to do, and I'd like to keep doing them, for as long as possible. I am all for trading in the old body and getting a new sportier version.  

I think Futurama has the right idea. 

Yes, I know there are moral questions involved, and I'm all for moral questions as well. But only the sportier versions. 

It's safe to say that this Technology will not be mature in my lifetime,
but I can dream can't I.

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