You know that horrible, almost monsoon like rainy season that California has seen over the last few months? There apparently is 1 good thing that has sprung from all this rain, a small lake approximately 1 foot deep and three miles wide has appeared in Death Valley. 

Death Valley National Park Now Reopened, After Season's Record Rains Created A Temporary Lake Within Park
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according to,
The typically-dry Badwater Basin salt flat at the bottom of Death Valley has for months been teeming with water after record rains and flooding have battered eastern California since August. 

The area is approximately 282 feet below sea level. So, when the water comes into the area it has no place to go. It does not drain into the ocean so you just wait for it to evaporate, and it becomes a dry lake again. 

To me, the bizarre part of this is that kayakers found out about it and were flocking to the area. Now the water has receded some and the lake is not deep enough to go kayaking, but you can still wade in it. The real miracle is that jet skiers didn't show up.

Death Valley National Park Now Reopened, After Season's Record Rains Created A Temporary Lake Within Park
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According to,
“In the past six months, a deluge of storms bringing record amounts of rain led to the lake's formation at the park − one of the hottest, driest and lowest-elevation places in North America, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.” 

Some more good news, The water level at Lake Mead is rising as well. The highest since 2021. 

NASA actually has photos that show how the lake formed in August.

How long will last? 

Park officials say that they think the lake might last until at least late March. Then It will be a dry lakebed again. I would love to see this in person before it's gone.

Lake forms at Death Valley National Park in California: See photos ( 

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