On the Internet you'll find an interesting website called the National Day Calendar. I guess this is supposed to be the definitive list of all national days in the United States, but it is on the Internet, which means who knows what's true. You've got National Prime Meridian Day, National Cook for Your Pets Day, National Saxophone Day, I have a coworker that celebrates national Harvey Wallbanger Day (that's on November 8th if you're wondering). 

I want to recognize National Sandwich Day. The thing to remember about National Sandwich Day is that there's all kinds of sandwiches Including hamburgers. 

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According to the national day calendar, "The sandwich is believed to be the namesake of John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, following the claim that he was the inventor of the sandwich. No matter who invented it, we celebrate every kind of sandwich." 

Now, because of my own personal love of sandwiches, I thought we would take a look at the Internet and see what Yelp has to say for some of the top sandwich locations in the Wenatchee Valley. This, by the way, is not a complete list and these are not in any particular order. 

Lemolo Cafe & Deli, 114 N Wenatchee Ave Wenatchee,


H. of Tacoma, says, "One of my go-to places for lunch when I'm in town for work. I always get the BLT with avocado, and it's the best! I really like the bread that it comes with." 

The Dilly Deli, 903 N Wenatchee Ave Wenatchee,  


Eric J.Elite 23 in Coeur d'Alene, ID says in his yelp review,  "I love me a good ol sandwich from A deli and damn, did this place hit the spot. I got the Jeffry and it was on point. I got it with the jalapeño cheese bread. Super fresh and delicious. Loaded with meat and veggies." 

Bella Bistro, 317 Orondo Ave Wenatchee, 


In his yelp review George J. of Sumner, WA says, "Blue Star coffee, great variety of teas, yummy food, and penny-pinching prices! Definitely recommend!" 

Glaze Bakery, 595 Grant Rd East Wenatchee,  


Scott B.Elite 23 in Wenatchee says in his yelp review, "We ordered a BLT sandwich with pickle spear and potato chips, using Door-dash to deliver. Sherrie and I split the sandwich, and it was enough for two people. Just on the basis of the sandwich alone, I have to give Glaze 5-Stars." 

Mission Burgers & Chicken, 900 S Wenatchee Ave Wenatchee, 


In her Yelp review Fran J. from Olympia, WA says, "No criticisms at all - this place is legit in every way! Over the course of two days, we tried everything and were so happy to have found such a place, fully staffed by cheerful local people, using only the finest ingredients. We're big fans of smash burgers and fresh cut fries and this place delivered." 

Weeds Cafe, 201 Cottage Ave Ste 5 Cashmere,  


Julie D. from WA, WA, said in her yelp review, "We've been here twice when traveling through Cashmere. Friendly staff and tasty sandwiches. We had the turkey/cranberry and tuna melts." 

S S Sub Shop. 414 Miller St Wenatchee,  


In her yelp review Kathleen W. from Boulder City, NV says, "First, the sandwiches were all completely customizable and super delicious. The service was FANTASTIC! They were super fast and friendly. The restaurant itself is adorable and impeccably clean. I got the Turkey, Bacon, Avocado on a spinach wrap and I was pleased with the huge amounts of turkey! I split mine into two meals and the wrap held up like a champ." 

Keep in mind this is a short list. There are lots of other great places to have a sandwich. If you want, you can go nuts and get a salad too, maybe some soup?  

Turkey Sandwich With Tomato and Lettuce

I plan on celebrating National Sandwich Day at least three or four times this week. 

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