Several months ago, I wrote an article about the “big screen experience” and how I loved it so much. You know what? My view is starting to change.  

I can't really explain why my opinion of the big screen experience is changing like it is. Could it be because I'm getting older? Could it be because I'm getting cheaper? Could it be that most movies aren't as good as they used to be? Maybe a combination of all three? 

Let's start with the cost. 

Wallet with Money and Credit Cards

Now this is kind of a chicken and egg sort of thing. Is the price of attending movies going up because fewer people are going? Or are fewer people attending because the price of a movie ticket has gone up? 

Popcorn Bag And Movie Ticket On Red Background

The price of a regular movie ticket is now $14.00. Add to that popcorn and a soda. And now you're up to $35.00 or more. (If you're a senior citizen, ooh, you get to save $0.50.) I don't know about you, but that kind of sours me on the big screen movie experience. I will try to go to the matinee. I can get in for $11.00. 

For my birthday, my oldest son gave me a $60.00 gift certificate for the movies. That kind of softens the blow a little bit. (Thanks Jared.) 

The theater. 

Empty comfortable red seats with numbers in cinema

I love the big screen. I love the 7.1 surround sound. I do not love the seats. (Except for the VIP theaters. But then you're looking at over $20 a seat.) The newer theatres are better for seats, but the older renovated theatres, not so much. And with the older renovated theatres, sometimes the sound is a little iffy. Here's a tip for you, try to sit in the front third of the theater, the sound is much better. (It has something to do with echoes and reflected sound.) 

I have gone to movies where individual channels of the 7.1 surround sound system were not working. Other times the sound would be distorted. One time the subwoofer was blown out and was vibrating horribly. 

At home. 

Watching tv

If I don't mind waiting for a movie to come to pay-per-view, I can usually watch it for $5.99, and I can watch it on my own time schedule. And sitting on my favorite leather covered recliner. With my favorite beverage. I can have whatever I want for snacks. And I don't have to pay $10.00 plus for a bag of popcorn. 

Yes, I still enjoy the big screen experience but not as much as I used to. I'm watching more movies at home and I'm enjoying it. 

Velvet red curtain

That said, I will see you at the movies this weekend. (No, not the VIP theater and I may bring my own candy.) 

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