Chelan County Commissioners decided to lower certain fire restrictions starting Friday.

Fire restrictions in unincorporated areas of Chelan County will be lowered to Stage 1, which bans outdoor burning of yard debris but does allow residential campfires.

Aside from residential campfires, outdoor burning is still banned, including burning of any yard debris.

Stage 2 restrictions are still in place through Thursday, with fire weather remaining high for possible wildfire spread.

Restrictions were extended into Oct. 15, due to ongoing dry conditions and lack of rain. 

Stage 1 restrictions will remain in effect until Oct. 21 and will be re-evaluated this upcoming week.

The following restrictions will still be in place under Stage 1: 

  • Outdoor burning is not allowed. 
  • Motor vehicles cannot be operated off the county roadway.
  • Fireworks are prohibited. 
  • The use of exploding targets and incendiary ammunition are prohibited. 
  • Target shooting is now allowed. 
  • Recreational fires on private residential premises or in designated campsites where such fires may be built in a permanent barbecue, portable barbecue, outdoor fireplace or grill are allowed.

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