Ever since COVID-19 hit. The way America works has changed. Especially for women. Early childcare for the children of women who work has always been problematic, but now it's more of a problem than ever. 

according to KOUW.com,
If you want to raise a child in this state, be prepared to drop an average of $14,000 a year on childcare. And that’s if you find a spot—an estimated 600,000 Washington kids in need of care don’t have licensed childcare, according to state data.” 

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A GBAO strategy poll says 87% of Washington voters consider childcare a priority. That same poll also says that a majority of Washington voters support a 7% cap on childcare costs. 

The biggest question on all of this is how are they going to accomplish this? How much will it cost? And ultimately the taxpayer will pay. 

When I look at my extended family, I know of at least three women who all work at home remotely and are in need of childcare at some level to help them be effective at work and still get through the day. 

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Not every mom has the choice of whether they work to make a living or stay at home and watch their children. Not every working mom is lucky enough to have a relative willing to help care for their kids during the workday or get their children to and from school daily.  

We haven't even begun to address the issue of a living wage for people who provide childcare or their training. 

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All I have right now for you is questions.
Let's hope we find some people who can provide the answers.

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