Full disclosure, it's been a long time since I've been on a job interview. So, when I write about what colors you should or should not wear to that job interview. I don't have a lot of personal experience. This is all information that I have read from topinterview.com. 

If you're getting set for a job interview, you find yourself going through your closet. You're trying to pick the perfect outfit to wear, even if you're just doing it online as opposed to in person. You want to have that perfect outfit for your job interview, you need to make that perfect first impression. 

Remember, it really does matter what you do for a living to dictate what you wear for your job interview. If you work in the creative industry like I do, you get a bit more leeway. if you're going into the business world, not so much. 

first off. 

Flag with rainbow colors

Avoid wearing orange, brown, red or multicolored clothing, according to the Top Interview website. So at this point you're saying, “wait, don't wear red? That's a power color. It exudes confidence.” Yes, that's true, but in an interview. It could send a domineering message or even aggressiveness. You don't want that. If you must wear red, use it as an accent color like a tie or purse, or a scarf? 

Orange? Just say no.  

Brown is simple and boring. Multicolored clothing like patterns. Maybe a shirt or a blouse underneath a suit jacket. 


The number one color is blue. That's your go to if all else fails in your world. Black and white is also good. Oddly enough, Gray is also a top color to wear in an interview. 

In the creative world, you can wear purples, pinks, yellows as accent colors. I prefer tie dye. But then I'm not interviewing for a job when I'm wearing tie dye. I'm just pleasing myself. 


In my world, wearing a tie dye shirt and jeans is dressing up. Yes, I love my job. 

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