Clam chowder is one of my favorite things. In fact, I have some sitting in the fridge right now that I'm going to heat up for dinner. But apparently there is a controversy. I also really like Manhattan style clam chowder. But somebody wants to put tomatoes in New England clam chowder. Yikes, what's that all about? 

Here is the reason why we're writing about this. Apparently, there is one state in the United States that made it illegal to put tomatoes in New England clam chowder. It seems silly to me, but they want to keep their brand unsullied. 

According to News and Views, JB, about 100 years after Clam Chowder arrived on our shores, the Main state legislature tried to “sanctify the purity of the recipe for clam chowder” and make it illegal to put tomatoes in it. But the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the state that actually mad it law.

Homemade lobster bisque soup with a roll and garnish

According to,
"New England clam chowder is defined as "a thick chowder made from clams, potatoes, onions, sometimes salt pork, and milk or cream." says,
“The popularity of New England Clam Chowder at dining establishments can be traced back to 1836 when it was on the menu at “Ye Olde Union Oyster House in Boston”, possibly the nation’s oldest continuously operated restaurant and today still has New England Clam Chowder on the menu.”   

manhattan clam chowder

I happen to like Manhattan Clam chowder, but the best way to think of the flavor is bouillabaisse with just clams in it. I really can't imagine anyone putting tomatoes in traditional New England clam chowder. Now that I think about it. It's what's for dinner. Without the tomatoes. With crackers. 


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