There seems to be a lot of controversy over red light cameras. Some people feel like their rights are being violated. I Actually heard one driver say with a straight face that we are turning into a surveillance state.  

The reality is we have some drivers that like to run red lights. They're in a hurry, they can't be troubled with stopping when the light turns red. Then there is that group of people. When the light turns yellow, they speed up. (Lights red when they're about halfway through.) I do have to admit when I was younger, I was that person. 


And speed cameras don't even get me started. They're even more insidious, you don't even know you're busted until you see the flash. 

Get ready because there was a new law that was passed last month. 

According to,
House Bill 2384 allows cities and counties to install cameras at crosswalks to catch drivers who fail to stop for pedestrians. Cameras can also be mounted on the front of transit buses to take photos of vehicles traveling in designated transit-only lanes.” 

Slow Down

Why is this happening? Because a record number of pedestrians (157) and motorcyclists (141) were killed last year.  

One thing I find interesting about this law is that if counties want to put in these cameras, they have to produce information and data to prove that they need those cameras in those locations. If they can't show the data to justify it. They can't put the cameras in. 

Some are claiming that these cameras will only be put in to generate revenue for the counties involved and for some areas, that might be true. (Can you say Gold Bar?)  

modern speed trap

Think about this. My car's navigation system shuts the music off and tells me when one of these red-light cameras is coming up. It was funny until it saved me money. 

We need to develop a tailgating camera. That would be good.

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