I'm on a diet, we all are. It's not a very good diet. I try to limit the amount of fried food I eat. I try to limit the amount of soda I drink. But so far, I haven't thought a whole lot about limiting the amount of microplastics I eat. (Yes, microplastics.) 

This is now a thing, and it's a little scary. Microplastics are basically little, tiny pieces of plastic that get into. Just about everything. Researchers are trying to figure out how much microplastics will actually impact our health as human beings and you will love this. There is a new study out that says that microplastics can not only get into our gut, but also spread to other organs in our body. (Yay.) 

The Plastics In Our Seas: What We Throw Away
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According to MedicalNewsTodayDot com.
“According to the study authors, ingested microplastics spread from the gut to the
brain, liver, and kidneys. “Our findings suggest that microplastic exposure can lead to metabolic changes in these tissues, indicating potential systemic effects,” study author Marcus Garcia, PharmD, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy, told Medical News Today.” 

UK Government Prepares To Extend Single-Use Plastics Ban
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The study concluded, among other things, that microspheres. (Little tiny pieces of plastic.) were detected in the brain, liver and kidneys, (among other organs.) To say this is disturbing is an understatement. I could be wrong, but I don't think a high fiber diet is going to get rid of microplastics in my body. (Oatmeal is Gods whisk broom you know.) 

Plastic Debris From The Erme Estuary
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Just to add insult to injury, I believe I read another study somewhere that said that you should not be cooking food in plastic containers. Why? You guessed it. Microplastics. 

I just hope there aren't any microplastics in chocolate. Don't tell me if there are. 

Microplastics may spread to the brain, other organs, study suggests (medicalnewstoday.com) 

In Vivo Tissue Distribution of Polystyrene or Mixed Polymer Microspheres and Metabolomic Analysis after Oral Exposure in Mice | Environmental Health Perspectives | Vol. 132, No. 4 (nih.gov) 

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