Electric snowboards, to me it sounds more like the name of a band rather than a product that you can use for fun in the snow.

I started seeing articles and looking at videos for this last week and it just kind of blew my mind a little bit. Come on, An electric snowboard, seriously, And there's actually more than one out there. 

First, let's look at the Electric Moto Snowboard. The concept is more like a jet ski for the snow with a single track, And no skis. Based on the product video, this is made in Russia. Check it out. 

According to their website, the Electric Moto Snowboard, Sells for about. $5265.. I honestly don't know if that's euros or dollars or. I don't know. Giga rubles. Oh, and by the way, that does not include shipping, which also means it doesn't include any import taxes.
They don't have any in stock, they are made to order. It takes anywhere from one to five months to build one. 

Our next contender is the Cyrusher from Ripple. 

this is more like a conventional snowboard but with a paddle wheel on the back. You carry The battery in a backpack which is connected by a cable. This is all waterproof, by the way.
you can go online now and find the Cyrusher from Ripple on sale for $2,199 Regular price $2,499. 

Finally, you can't talk about powered snowboards without looking at a jet powered snowboard. Seriously, this is a thing. Check out the video. 

As a "proof of concept" it's not the best video. The snowboard sounds like it is powered by a vacuum cleaner.

All of these things look kind of fun to me, but I could never ride them. It would only end in tears and a ride to the emergency room. 

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