I have lots of deep feelings about the FCC, Artificial intelligence, And robocalls. I get to talk about all of them today. 

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First off, I do not appreciate robocalls of any kind, even if it's a legitimate one to ask me if I need to reorder something. If they want me to reorder something, give me a human being on the phone. It all just feels like you're going through endless phone trees and you're never getting anywhere you need to go. 

Now let's add to that. Artificial intelligence. Yeah, that's what I need. A machine that wants me to think it's a human being but really isn't and sometimes just doesn't get it. If the AI is so smart, why doesn't it give me to a human being when I say, “I want to speak to a human being”? Artificial intelligence is taking jobs away from people who really need to work from home doing tech support. 

Call center worker accompanied by his team.

Then the FCC Finally gets into the picture. Robocalls using voices generated by AI to sound like Joe Biden have now caused the FCC to step in and act.  

According to CNN, 

“The Federal Communications Commission said Thursday it is immediately outlawing scam robocalls featuring fake, artificial intelligence-created voices, cracking down on so-called “deepfake” technology that experts say could undermine election security or supercharge fraud. The FCC’s move gives state attorneys general more legal tools to pursue illegal robocallers that use AI-generated voices to fool Americans, the FCC said. 

Mobile Billboard Outside U.S. Capitol Urges Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Not To Let AI Destroy The Planet
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Good news everybody. Now I don't have to worry about getting a call from a voice that sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to sell me CPAP supplies. 

The only robocalls I've been getting lately are ones from people from another country asking me if I want to sell my house. 

CNN also reported. 

“In its announcement Thursday, the FCC said those who wish to send robocalls “must obtain prior express consent from the called party before making a call that utilizes artificial or prerecorded voice simulated or generated through AI technology.” 

With Thursday’s change, scam robocalls featuring cloned voices would be subject to the same fines and consequences associated with illegal robocalls that do not use the technology.” 

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Honestly, the only thing that scares me about artificial intelligence right now is artificial intelligence deejays. That's right, there are a few radio stations experimenting right now with disc jockeys generated with artificial intelligence.  

I don't need this kind of stress. 

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