Washington State produced over $10 billion in agriculture commodities in 2021 according to US Department of Agriculture (USDA) statistics.

People the world over enjoy food products grown or originating in the Evergreen State.  Are there some foods Washington State is best known for?

Most would complete the phrase "Washington State ___________" with Apples.  There are other options to consider and some others that may surprise you

Here are a few based on the statistics from USDA

  • Rainier Cherries  Named for the state's highest peak USDA does not break down statistics by variety by Washington is the leader in overall cherry production and for sweet cherries as well.  Michigan produces about 70% of the market share of tart cherries, dwarfing Utah, Wisconsin and Washington at 4th in production.  But we produce over 55% of the US sweet cherry crop in Washington with a value of almost a half billion in 2021
  • Aplets and Cotlets the turkish delight manufactured by Liberty Orchards in Cashmere, WA  Sales figures were not available but Aplets and Cotlets, Fruit Delights, Orchard Bars and the full lineup of products are a popular year round gift.
  • Almond Roca Candy the Brown and Haley Company confection from Tacoma, WA since 1920 is based on a recipe for english toffee.  Each piece is wrapped in a signature gold foil.

Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon

  • Hops  Washington produces 73% of the US hop crop, the lion's share of domestic production
  • Apples  Washington has 72% of the share of US apple market  The Big Apple, New York state isn't even close at #2 with just an 11% market share
  • Wine Washington is the second largest producing wine grape producing state in the US behind California.  Grape production was valued at $300M but the Washington Wine Commission puts the in-sate economic impact at more than $8 billion
  • Wheat The Evergreen State is ranked 4th in the nation in wheat production most notably in the golden fields of the Palouse.  Washington trails only Kansa, North Dakota and is ranked just behind Montana in US crop value of over $800M
  • Potatoes While Idaho is #1 for spuds, Washington is a respectable #2 for US production value at nearly $700M  jus behind Idaho

There are other crops that Washington is a leading producer that may surprise you

Apricots #2

Asparagus #3

Barley #6

Blueberries #1

Canola #2

Carrots #2

Corn, Sweet, Fresh #5  Quincy Corn, say no more!

Dairy products, milk #10

Lentils #3

Mint #2 The northwest states, including Oregon and Idaho comprise the top three producers and 95% of US production

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