It's a loaded question because there's a lot of things coming in 2024 and they fall into a bunch of different categories. has a very interesting list of five things that are coming in 2024 in the world of technology.

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according to and Bernard Marr, here are the Top 4 Tech trends that we need to be ready for in 2024. 

“Machine intelligence, the blurring of the boundaries between the real and the virtual and shaping the ongoing evolution of the internet will all radically impact our lives. But perhaps most important of all will be the search for ways to continue to grow and prosper while minimizing the damage we do to the environment – and perhaps even reversing some of the damage that’s been done in the past. 

So, here’s my overview of these game-changing trends, along with my predictions for how each of them will impact life, society and the planet.” 

Generative AI – Everyday Automation 

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“2024 will be the year that the world gets to grips with how truly powerful and useful it can be.  as generative AI finds its way into more of the applications we use every day, from search engines to office software, design packages and communications tools, people will come to understand its potential.” 

Sustainable Technology 

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“Sustainable technology includes more environmentally-friendly ways of doing things we already do – such as electric cars, bikes and public transport that will continue to increase their market share in 2024. It also includes novel solutions to environmental problems, such as carbon capture and storage, as well as green and renewable energy technologies.“ 

Cyber Resilience 

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“Research suggests that one in two businesses has been the victim of a successful cyberattack in the past three years, and the cost of these attacks to industry is expected to grow to over $10 trillion by the end of 2024. In the face of this fast-growing threat, technology solutions designed to bolster defenses and provide us with a fighting chance are high on every organization’s must-have list. 

Cyber resilience goes beyond cyber security, though, as it also encapsulates measures that can be taken to recover and ensure continuity when defenses are breached or due to circumstances beyond our control.” 

Quantum Computing 

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“Quantum computers are capable of carrying out vast numbers of calculations simultaneously by harnessing weird and wonderful elements of quantum physics, such as quantum entanglement and superposition. This enables them to operate using quantum bits (qubits) that can exist in multiple states simultaneously, rather than a state of either 1 or 0, like traditional computer bits. 

Early investors in quantum technology include banks and financial services organizations that hope to be able to enhance the power of AI systems developed in recent years for purposes of fraud detection, risk management and high-frequency trading.” 

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The Top 5 Tech Trends In 2024 Everyone Must Be Ready For ( 

Yes, I know his article has the top five tech trends. But I'm not convinced that one of these tech trends is really going to be that life changing. At least not for me. Maybe for you though.
I don't know if I'm ready to have my own avatar. If I did though, it would look like Brad Pitt.  

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I'm just saying. 

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