I'm the youngest in my family and I'm not that young. In the midst of all the COVID hoopla that was going around, I would occasionally talk to my sister, and she would tell me about the COVID self-tests that she was receiving. She has always wanted to have at least a few tests around so she would go online to get them. She has lots of grandkids and she didn't want to catch or spread COVID. 

There were several places online where you could order these tests. I believe you could get them four at a time. Now we have something new. The Washington State Department of Health is rolling out vending machines that will dispense COVID tests and flu tests for free in Washington state. 


According to doh.wa.gov,
“Kiosks can be found in food banks, transit stations, churches, schools, and libraries and serve as a convenient solution for communities to access a variety of testing options with anonymity and personalization. Seventeen kiosks have already been ordered by LHJs and Tribal Nations.” 

Cases for COVID were up in January and it looks like the flu related emergency room visits are going to outpace last year so the ability to self-test is considered vital. 

Corona Virus covid-19 DNA illustration

Axios.com is reporting,
“By early April, the state Department of Health expects to have 20 test-dispensing kiosks up and running throughout Washington.” 

I realize that there's some political baggage that goes along with all of this, but I just can't help but think that when you're feeling bad it's not going to hurt to have that test and take it. 

according to doh.wa.gov,
“The following locations will receive DOH testing kiosks in the coming weeks: 

  • Chelan Douglas Health District 
  • Okanogan County Public Health 
  • Asotin County Health District 
  • NE-Tri County Health District 
  • Yakima Health District Health District 
  • Skamania County Community Health 
  • Snohomish Health District 
  • Whatcom County Health Department” 

Free COVID-19 and flu test vending machines launch in Washington state - Axios Seattle 

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