We have all watched a ton of TV and we have seen all kinds of TV offers from Ronco, the George foreman grill, bread makers, Rice cookers, air fryers, But I have never seen this one on TV. The Snackmaster. 


I was cruising around YouTube, and I ran across this video and after I watched it, I thought "I want one". It's kind of a great concept. Think about the "Space Burger", the Moses Lake Lyons fund raiser every year. 

The Snackmaster uses a similar concept. You have a clamshell grill. Use a regular slice of bread, put something on it, put another slice of bread on top of that, Close the clamshell, let it cook for a few minutes and then you got.... Whatever you got.

check out the video 


The biggest problem I have with the Snackmaster is the same problem I have with everything that you buy from an infomercial and that's that I do not have enough counter space and I don't have enough cupboard space. I have way too much clutter. (Maybe I should just clean up my kitchen.) 

I'm not sure, but I think this thing looks like fun. You could rope your kids or your grandkids into cooking lunch with this thing. (Watch out, it's hot.) 

I guess you can do a little surfing around the Internet, and you might even find one of these still available. (don’t try amazon, you get a food dehydrator)  

No, I'm not going to get one for myself, I already said too much clutter for me. I just had a thought this though, might be the perfect birthday gift for my youngest son (The Bachelor.) That would be perfect for him. He could use it to make his own hot pockets while he's gaming.  

Ohh I gotta’ go online right now and see if I can get one. (Try Ebay) 

Was the Snakmaster the Best Kitchen Invention of All Time? (thefw.com)

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