Where can you find better guitar faces than deep within the realm of classic rock? From the sexual and salacious to the deeply inspired and expressive, this particular face is the result of rockers truly immersing themselves in the music. As you'll see by scrolling through the following gallery, they don't come up for air until it’s over – even if it means holding their breath for a while.

“It’s like having an orgasm,” Carlos Santana once said, in a blunt assessment of guitar solos. “I don’t know anybody who looks nice when they have an orgasm. And if you’re not having an orgasm, then you’re not all the way into it like you’re supposed to be.”

We’ve collected our favorite guitar faces from some of classic rock’s finest – from Joe Walsh to Alex Lifeson, from Eddie Van Halen to Richie Sambora. Of course, it’s hard not to smile while watching these famous pickers lose themselves in the music. But, for artists like Santana, this is serious business.

“People should try to go deeper into the instrument, and transcend its actual construction,” Santana added. “To do that, you have to make ugly faces, pucker up your butt, and get to that note. You need to put different levels of brutal freakin’ force behind your playing. The next thing you know, you start getting into the territory that Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff Beck inhabit. Let’s face it, Stevie made some pretty ugly faces. And, hopefully, so do I. Anybody who goes for the note, makes that face.”

See for yourself, as we present the following gallery of funniest guitar faces.

Rock's Funniest Guitar Faces

Rockers truly immerse themselves in the music, and then it gets kinda funny.

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