The price of gasoline is one of the reasons I turned away from gas powered cars and went electric. And the price of gas is what it is because of the Washington State gasoline tax. (49.40 cents per gallon) if you add the federal tax to the Washington state tax it totals up to 62.9 cents per gallon. 

Right now, when I register or renew the tabs on my vehicle, I'm paying an extra $150.00 because it's an electric car. I'm OK with that. I'm not buying gas, so I'm not paying a gas tax. I guess the question is, is $150.00 a year enough? 

The three different gas prices at the gas station

 If I was in California, the answer would be no. 

according to,
“the average state gas tax paid by California drivers is $300 per year, according to a spokesperson for Caltrans. EVs have only a $100 annual registration cost, meaning the shift from gas-powered cars to EVs results in a $200 million per year loss.” 

What California wants to do is instead of having a gas tax they would have a mileage tax. (That seems fair to me) What California wants to do is have a three cents per mile tax on your driving. Needless to say, Californians are not all excited about this in fact, there are some Californians that are very upset about this. 

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What California wants to do is get about 800 volunteers to try this process out and see if it works for them. Those people that choose to participate in this tax trial will be in line for $400.00 worth of incentives. (I would take that money) Based on the miles I drove last year my mileage tax at three cents per mile would be about $360.00. 

Happily, (for several reasons.) I don't live in California; I live in Washington. Oregon and Utah already have their programs in place, ranging from one to two cents a mile. I'm hoping that the Washington program if they ever get it in place. Will be somewhere in that range. 

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Don't get me wrong, I don't mind paying taxes. I just don't want to be paying more than the next guy.  

Texas has a completely different idea and I'm not sure I'm against it. It's a flat $200.00 fee every year when they renew their license for their EV. (Right now, I'm paying $150.00.) 

Look, I just don't want to be taxed twice. Don't make me pay taxes on mileage and then pay extra taxes if I plug into a charging Station. My fear is that Washington state will look at this as a gravy train and we'll all get soaked. 

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I still think paying highway taxes by the mile is better than by the gallon.  

I want to know what Washington's plan is. 

What do you think? 

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