So, what is it costing you on average per day to get around? How far do you travel in a day? On my average day to and from work with a little trip for lunch, I wind up with 22.2 miles.

I have a co-worker who rides his bicycle to and from work every day but I’m not that hardcore. You could get around town on one of those electric Bird Scooters. They look like fun until you fall and break your elbow (not me, another co-worker). Electric bicycles are an option. Did you know that France has a program to get city commuters to switch to E-bikes? In France, you can trade in your old gas or diesel car for an e-bike and get paid almost $4,000.00, not bad.


Check out Green Motion Ebikes at 10 South Wenatchee avenue to see what they have. An e-bike is not cheap but the cost of operation is very low. You can get a street-legal electric motorcycle in Wenatchee now from Dog House Motorsports and get from place to place for less than gas.


Electric cars? No problem. In E. Wenatchee you will find the Nissan Leaf, the Ford Mustang Mach-E, and the Ford F-150 Lightning. In Wenatchee, you have the Chevy Bolt. You can go “Plug-in Hybrid” with options from Toyota and Chrysler. I went for the Kia E-Niro which I like a lot although I wish it were all-wheel drive.

Now back to the math. My old car got about 20 miles to the gallon so I was spending around $30.00 a week on gas.



To do the same distance in my new car costs around $1.00 Plus there are no oil changes and no tune-ups, I have a charger at home and I live in Chelan County which has the second cheapest electricity in the United States (Douglas County is the cheapest).


The least expensive way to get around though is Link Transit. If Link Transit fits your lifestyle it’s the most affordable way to go.

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