Full disclosure here. I have not experienced the gastronomical Nirvana that is In-N-Out burger. I've been informed by what I consider to be reliable sources that they provide a “next level” burger experience. I'm also told that they are “next level” choosy when it comes to picking their next location. 

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They do have lots of locations up and down the West Coast, but here in Washington State, not so much. (like zero locations) 

Between In N’ Out and Shake Shack. They're probably the most elusive burger joints you've ever heard of, but probably have never tried out. 

According to In and Out, which came to LA nearly 75 years ago, the chain only has about 335 locations in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Texas, Oregon and Colorado. 

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This is a brand that's steeped in tradition. Think about this. According to in-n-out.com. It took them until 1975 just to add milkshakes.
Real ice cream milk shakes officially join the In-N-Out menu. Malts had previously been available at select locations for nearly a decade. Earlier, shakes had been mixed for customers right in their paper cups, requiring Associates to have plenty of skill at avoiding ripping those cups during preparation. 

For a burger franchise not in most of the country but still known by almost everyone. How do you get one in your area? 

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All you can do is beg and plead. Go to Contact Customer Service - In-N-Out Burger And shamelessly ask them to consider coming here. Click the link above and let them know how happy you would be to be able to eat a “Double Double” every day for the rest of your life. (your cardiologist will not thank you) 

Is it possible that In-N-out would consider a store in Wenatchee? If someone has the cash to build it, they might consider it. (I emphasize the word might) 

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I may have to take a road trip just to find one. I think the closest one is in Idaho.

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