Currently, Boeing is not on everybody's hit parade because of their problems with doors exploding out of the fuselage of their planes. But that has changed because of something else that they're doing. They're creating space suits.  

That's right, Boeing is creating these Starliner spacesuits which are a giant improvement over the last round of space suits that our astronauts have used. (Especially with their flexibility.)

According to,
Boeing first unveiled its spacesuits in 2017, with features including wrap-around glass in the helmet and touchscreen-sensitive gloves. The overall suit is intended to be "lighter and more flexible through use of advanced materials and new joint patterns,"   

This design is what is known as the ascent-entry spacesuit. Not to be mistaken for the space suits that are used for EVA which are much heavier.

Astronauts are saying that the suit is not only much more flexible, but even when you're wearing gloves, you can operate touch sensitive screens. (a big plus.) NASA astronauts will be doing a 10-day shakedown cruise with the new suits to make sure that everything is functional and then they will embark on a six-month mission that will start sometime in early 2025. 

According to, NASA says.
The astronauts are enjoying the flexibility. "I really like these suits," Williams said during a press conference here at JSC on March 22. "We worked with the company, David Clark, through Boeing to get the suits squared away for us ... I think they're really nice."

Boeing says there are 5 sizes available for the new suits and 10 sizes available for the boots that attach. 

Boeing also says that the Starliner suit is only one of several different suits that are being offered depending on the mission. 

I wonder if I could get Starliner jammies. (trap door optional) 

'I really like these suits.' Boeing's snazzy (and flexible) Starliner spacesuits have astronauts buzzing (exclusive) | Space 

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