At this stage of my life, I don’t have a Christmas stocking to stuff. All the kids are on their own and scattered all over the U.S. But I remember when I was a kid on Christmas day. We actually had a fireplace with stocking “hung with care”.

The great thing about the stockings was we were allowed to get into them before mom and dad got up so at five or six in the morning I would be up, dumping the contents on the table to see what I got. First off there was always some chocolate.

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Some were shaped like bells, and stars, one year we even got little foil-covered alligators. Fruit like apples and oranges, Gummy orange slices were always my favorite. In the toe of the stocking, we would find nuts, unshelled nuts of all kinds. Then you bust out the nut-cracker and get busy.

So what would I stuff a stocking with now? Hot Wheels, an amazon gift card, a fidget spinner, Slim Jim’s, chocolate dollars, and gummy orange slices. What do you do?

I looked at some guides online and I'm not sure I get it. Forbes's best stocking stuffers include shower steamers, book lights, puffy pens, and light sets. I haven't even heard of some of the stuff on Mashable's list.  USA Today's best stuffers include more conventional options like earbuds, bath bombs, and mad libs.

Well whatever you choose - Merry Christmas, and don’t forget the gummy orange slices.

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