Every now and then you read a tip or hack that could be life-changing.


This could be the hack for you. In the end, it could at least save you some cash. How many times have you purchased produce that goes bad before you eat it?


According to Readers Digest (Yes my in-laws gifted us a subscription for Christmas), when you line your crisper drawer with paper towels, they'll soak up moisture produced by the veggies, allowing them to keep fresher longer. The drier your produce is, will keep fresher longer. Without the paper towels, the moisture gets trapped in the drawer, which leads to sad, brown, bad veggies. Of course, you have to remember when rotating your vegetables, you must change out the paper towels, too.

It has to work, I saw the issue addressed on the website, Reddit, too:

Do you use paper towels to keep your produce fresher longer? If you have any tips to share, feel free to do so on our app below.

Reduce waste in fridge by wrapping veggies in paper towels
byu/peachesandcandy inFrugal

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Not sure about you, but I'm sold. I use paper towels for everything. Now I'm going to use them for the vegetables. What else do use paper towels for?

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