TL;DR Version: Everyone in America seems to think people living in Washington state are all hipsters. Even though you are absolutely loud and wrong about us, we're going to be looking fly this summer, especially because we have these top 9 top things in our summertime starter pack! Don't hate the player, hate the game. 😂


A starter pack contains the essential items everyone assumes a certain group of people either have, wear, or do. There is a whole thread on Reddit dedicated to starter pack memes. That's what gave me the idea to create my own for the ultimate guide to a Washington state summer starter pack.


Top 9 Items for a Perfect WA State Summer Starter Pack - DYNAM

Washington state is a fun place to live, especially during the summer. We have sunshine in the east and a rainforest thing happening in the west. We enjoy lots of outdoor activities, like shooting stuff in the fields, playing pickleball, swimming, hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, and riding bikes. We love indoor stuff, like watching movies, becoming expert gamers, going to comedy shows, eating our hearts out, and crashing summer barbecues with friends.

Are you one of those Americans who thinks everyone in Washington hugs trees, drinks coffee whilst whining about how we liked something before it became cool, listens to grunge (that is SO 1990s, hello), climbs rocks, puts quinoa and/or raisins in all the salads, and wears nothing but Birkenstocks, flannel, and beanie hats all the time?

Okay, SOME of those stereotypes are true.



I once attended a conference in Brooklyn, New York. This lady stood up and addressed the audience consisting of people from all over the country. She said that she was from Connecticut and couldn’t relate to people from the Pacific Northwest. She said that she didn’t understand people who eat granola and wear Birkenstocks all the time. She had some nerve! I hope that someone from the Pacific Northwest will end up giving her what's for, at least once in the rest of her lifetime.


9 Essential Things in a Washington State Summertime Starter Pack

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