Chelan County Mountain Rescue could be busy again this weekend as hikers and climbers head to the mountain backcountry.

Members of the volunteer group were flown to Dragontail Peak by a Chelan County Sheriff's helicopter last Sunday to help a lost climber.

A video on social media shows the two members rappelling down to the stranded woman and guiding her out of the area that night.

No injuries were reported.

"We're grateful that we were able to act swiftly to assist this individual and that everyone made it home safely." read the social media post from the rescue team.

There were 27 search and rescues last summer in the same area southwest of Leavenworth known as the Enchantments.

Chelan County commissioners signed a letter this week addressed to Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest Supervisor Kristin Bail over safety issues.

Commissioners wrote that the mass popularity of the Enchantments is placing a strain on their local resource.

They also mentioned that increased parking on the roads is restricting access for emergency vehicles, heavily limiting their ability to respond to emergencies.

Commissioners are requesting the U.S. Forest Service organize a group meeting with local first-responders to address the public safety concerns.

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