How quickly do dating singles wait to say "I love you"?

Could it depend on where in the country you live because there are differences in the amount of time it takes to profess your love when dating someone, in different states.

Forbes Health looked into how quickly Americans get around to telling someone they are dating that they are in love.  There are areas where the dating singles fall in love pretty quickly and in other parts of the country, not so fast.

How Quickly Do Romantic Partners in Washington Say "I love you"?

If you are looking for love, you are in the right place.  The Forbes Health/OnePoll ranked Washington in 5th place in the country.  Their survey found 36% of those dating someone in the Evergreen State said those 3 magic words within the first three months of a relationship.  We must be in a pretty romantic state and were tied with North Dakota.

Here are the top 10 states where  people confess their love the quickest (within the 1st three months):

  • Arizona (46% told their romantic partner "I love you")

  • Massachusetts (43%)

  • Connecticut (41%)

  • California, Georgia, Hawaii, Virginia (tied at 37%)

  • Washington, North Dakota (tied at 36%)

  • Wisconsin (34%)

Which are the states where people take the longest to tell a romantic partner "I love you"

  • Oregon (9% told their romantic partner "I love you" within the first 3 months)
  • Illinois (13%)
  • New Mexico (16%)

It's interesting to note that more than a third of individuals dating in Washington state are comfortable telling their partner "I love you" within the first 90 days of a relationship but only 9% of singles in Oregon will confess their feelings that quickly. 

When Do Most Couples Say I Love You

The Forbes Health study found the largest percentage of it's respondents (29.4%) felt saying "I love you" was appropriate within the first four to six months of dating. 21% said it felt right within the first three months.  There were 14%  who don't want to rush into anything and said somewhere between seven to nine months was the right time to say those three important words.

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