Local law enforcement agencies will be conducting high-visibility enforcement patrols on area roadways this Saturday.

The date, April 20 or 4/20 (420), is a number commonly associated with marijuana use and many who smoke or ingest the drug might observe the day by increasing the amounts they ordinarily take.

Grant County Sheriff's Office spokesperson, Kyle Foreman, says the patrols will include an increased number of officers.

"The Washington Traffic Safety Commission provides the funding for more officers to be on the roadways all across Washington State. People will probably notice additional officers on the roadway conducting traffic enforcement and specifically looking for impaired drivers."

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Foreman says many marijuana users are aware that the drug impairs one's ability to operate a motor vehicle but there's still a few misconceptions about its differences with alcohol.

"The truth is that marijuana is regulated in Washington State just like liquor is, so even though it's considered legal, that doesn't mean you can drive under its influence. You can't drive under the influence of marijuana just like you can't drive under the influence of alcohol."

Foreman says the general rule for marijuana users to follow is if using the drug makes you feel different, you will drive differently and should avoid doing so.

He adds the sheriff's office has seen a major uptick in the number of drivers who are impaired by marijuana since its legalization in the state over a decade ago.

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