Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort is adding six days to its schedule this month. 

The resort near Wenatchee is adding Monday through Wednesday operations to the last two weeks of March and will now be open daily through the end of the month. 

Mission Ridge Chief Marketing Officer Tony Hickok says late winter snowfall has been a big help. 

"This is in part due to 26 inches of new snow that we've received in the last ten days," said Hickok. "But really we've been on a trend of good snowfall here at the end of February and early March. We're always looking to add in more days whenever we can." 

The newly added dates to the resort's operations are March 18th, 19th, 20th, 25th, 26th, and 27th. 

In April, Mission Ridge plans to remain open Friday through Sunday through the middle of the month. Hickok says they'll next look to extend operations into the third and fourth weekend Saturday and Sunday dates in April. 

"We're going to keep pushing the envelope," Hickok said. "We're hopeful that March will continue to deliver on this great snowfall that we've been seeing. Things are really shaping up to have one of those just absolutely amazing springs here in the greater Wenatchee Valley." 

Last season, Mission Ridge set a record for days of operation, getting special permission to stay open on the first day of May. 

Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort operates under special use permits from the U.S. Forest Service and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. The resort sits on land owned by the two government agencies. 

Check out current conditions at Mission Ridge here.

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