Another Ohme Gardens season has come and is about to go!

Season Closing on October 15th, 2023. 

Let's go while we still have time!

Maybe you've been to Ohme Gardens for a wedding, a concert or even a movie. Maybe you visited just to experience the Awe of all that Ohme Gardens has to offer.

Personally, I have attended shows as well as weddings and I can't even begin to explain the beauty that comes with this amazing location.

Seated above the Wenatchee Valley, overlooking the valley as well as the Columbia River, not to mention all the dreamy settings you are standing in while at Ohme Gardens

Do not miss out on seeing the Fall being welcomed into the Wenatchee Valley and visit Ohme Gardens today while you have a chance!

While another season of beauty is coming to an end, we here in the Wenatchee Valley are proud of this little wonder we have. It really should be named "one of the 7 wonders of the world."

The above photo is just, UNREAL, but it's completely real!

Want a really cool place to take senior photos? Ohme Gardens

Want a beautiful location to take family pictures? Ohme Gardens

Want a jaw dropping wedding venue? Ohme Gardens

Want to just explore and walk around some gorgeous plants and trees? Ohme Gardens

I mean come on! Just look at the pictures! I promise, the pictures don't even do this place justice! Experience it for yourself!

Ohme Gardens

For hours and admission, click here.

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