Do You Recall These 5 Infamous Criminals That Terrified Washington State?

As a kid growing up in Washington State, I've lived pretty much in bliss thanks to living in some rural towns where a lot doesn't go on.

Rik Mikals
Rik Mikals

From Serial Killers To Hijackers, These 5 Criminals Originated In Washington State

That being said though, even my little town of Clarkston Washington has been shocked by some horrific crimes that have remained unsolved until this day.

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A friend of mine, Toni Ann Tedder, was brutally murdered in her family home in 1990 and as of this writing in 2023 has never been caught. Her story has been featured for over 30 years and still no clues.

(Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)
(Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

Sharon Tate Who Attended Richland Washington High School Was Murdered In LA

There have been some bad people that have roamed Washington State and luckily these 5 criminals except one have been brought to justice. Some of these might be familiar to you and a few might be new to you.

These 5 Infamous Criminals from Washington State are Terrifying

Take a trip down memory lane and discover the five most heinous criminals to ever grace Washington's past. 

Gallery Credit: Rik Mikals

Stories of Charles Manson terrified me as a kid but he wasn't the only one with connections to Washington State.

I'm hoping that someday they'll finally arrest the killer of my friend Toni Tedder.

The 12 Deadliest Serial Killers in Washington State's Bloody History

Every state is known for something. Florida has swamps and beautiful weather, Iowa has wrestling and corn, New York has Manhattan and Brooklyn-style pizza, Maryland has crabcakes. Washington has apples, wine, IPAs, and serial killers. This article is not meant to glorify these evil people in any way, just shed some light on a bizarre Washington truth. From Bundy to the Green River Killer, these are twelve of the deadliest killers in Washington state history.

Gallery Credit: Pete Christensen

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