5 Iconic Foods No Longer Served in Washington State

Food items come and go and even popular ones sometimes get discontinued. As a kid growing up in Washington State in the 80's, who hasn't forgotten about Pepsi-Free and Tab? 

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5 Once-Popular Foods That Have Disappeared from Washington State

There have been several food items from McDonald's that I loved that are no longer available like the Big N Tasty and Salad Shakers. I'm sure that you have your favorites and said to yourself, whatever happened to _____?

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As we get into 2024, here are five popular food items that you will no longer find in Washington State. I'm sure a few of these items will be missed by you - take a look:

5 Popular Foods You Can’t Find Any Longer in Washington State

5 popular food items that you'll no longer be able to find in Washington State in 2024.

Gallery Credit: Rik Mikals

From beloved Girl Scout cookies to Kentucky Fried Chicken, there are a bunch of favorite food items that'll soon be a faint memory in Washington State.

Don't you wish you knew if your favorite food item was getting discontinued so you could stock up?

credit: ebay
credit: ebay

I miss my Superman peanut butter.

Do you recall some of your favorites when you were a kid, feel free to share them in the comments below and on our app chat feature.

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