Heads Up: Washington State Walmarts Might Owe You Up To $500 In Lawsuit

Due to a class action lawsuit, Walmarts in Washington State, Oregon, and California might owe you $500.

Walmart's In Oregon And California Might Owe Customers Up To $500 In Claims

According to an article published by finance.yahoo.com, Walmart customers who purchased specific weighted groceries or bagged fruit now have an opportunity to claim a portion of a $45 million settlement.

This resolution addresses accusations that the retail giant overcharged for these items.

Under this class-action settlement, eligible customers could receive up to $500. The allegations primarily revolved around Walmart's pricing practices concerning packaged meat, poultry, pork, seafood, and bagged citrus.

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It's essential for affected customers to take action within the next two months to potentially benefit from this settlement.

Consumers who qualify to file a claim encompass anyone who made an in-store purchase of weighted goods or bagged citrus at any of Walmart's 4,615 U.S. stores between October 19, 2018, and January 19, 2024, as per the settlement administrator.

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According to the settlement site and Yahoo.com, those who purchased an eligible product and possess a receipt are eligible to receive 2% of the total purchase cost, capped at $500.

Click here to get your claim in.

You have until June 5th, 2024 to file a claim.

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Walmart has denied any wrongdoing but if you feel that you've been affected by this class-action lawsuit, feel free to get more details on the class-action lawsuit here.

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