The Walmart store in Wenatchee is huge I mean come on, 120,000 different products in 2300 stores across the country. Imagine being in charge of inventory control, tracking everything that comes in and goes out of the store. Then you get a memo from corporate that tells you, you have to relabel every single item on the shelves in the store.  

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It's not as horrible as it sounds if this new idea works.
According to,
Digital shelf labels, developed by Vusion Group, allow us to update prices at the shelf using a mobile app, reducing the need to walk around the store to change paper tags by hand and giving us more time to support customers in the store.” 

They are called digital shelf labels. (DSL) created by a company called Vusion Group. Nobody's saying whether they're using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for connectivity but basically, you use an app. (on your phone) To access the system in the store and change the labels.

Anyone who has been in retail and had to do merchandising can only imagine how many hours of time this will save. Back in the day when I was in “retail” I thought the price gun was cool, this is way better. The computer system knows the UPC code on each product. It coordinates the prices to be displayed and charged. And if there's a price increase or decrease for that matter. One click, and it's done for the entire store. 

Just one thing, how do they power the "smart tags"? Just imagine, 120,000 batteries.

It's been a little while since I've been to Walmart, so I have no idea if they're working on this transition now. Walmart corporate offices predict that every store will have these changes done by sometime in 2026.

I love this idea; I think it's awesome. 

Until somebody hacks it.
(You know it's going to happen.) 

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