I have a friend whose greatest fear is the potential of being evicted from her home. She is retired and on a fixed income and spends more than 2/3 of her Social Security check just on rent. Her fear is that her rent will go up to a point where she can't afford it and then will find herself on the street because she can't find another place to live. 

That is an issue for another time. 

It's recently been reported that the Washington state supreme court has had to step in regarding evictions in Sunnyside. In the state of Washington some cities have implemented what they are calling the crime free Rental Housing program.

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according to crosscut.com,
The Washington Supreme Court ruled last week that Attorney General Bob Ferguson can continue pursuing a lawsuit against the city of Sunnyside.
Cities across the state have implemented a crime-free rental housing program in which landlords, tenants and law enforcement work together to reduce crime and improve the quality of life in rental properties.” 

The state says that through “unlawful evictions” the city of Sunnyside and its police officers failed to comply with provisions of the U.S. and state constitutions, the federal Fair Housing Act and the Washington Law Against Discrimination”. 

From 2014 to 2019 There were 43 alleged unlawful evictions Involving Latinos, Women, and families with children.  

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The goals of the Crime Free rental housing program seem laudable, but the execution of this program in Sunnyside seems to be lacking.  

The case is now going back to the courts in Yakima. 

WA Supreme Court says state can have a say in local evictions | Cascade PBS News (crosscut.com)

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