So, I have to start out by saying that I never thought this was a thing until I read about it the other day and then I was telling one of my coworkers about it and he said “ohh yeah, I did that." 

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“For some men, preparing to watch their favorite college basketball teams duke it out during March Madness includes a comfortable chair, big screen TV, an ice pack and a vasectomy.” 

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Yes, Seriously, this actually happens. To me it seems farfetched, but again, I talked to my coworker, he says. “Oh yeah, I did that”. It just surprises me. I think back to my experience of getting a vasectomy and the last thing I was thinking of was watching college basketball. 

Of course, you may know that I've never been a big college basketball fan. When I watched basketball, it was always pro ball. I love the Seattle SuperSonics. I miss them. 


Looking back many years I remember after we had our first child. My mom, bless her soul, said to me. “So, when are you scheduling your vasectomy?” My mom strongly believed in the concept of zero population growth, and she was not shy about talking about it.  

She continued to ask that question every year until we had our fourth child. At that time, it was an easy decision. No more kids for us, it's time to get snipped. I contacted our family doctor, Doctor Ross, and he did the procedure. I remember that procedure vividly because I was wide awake for the whole thing. I was too proud to take any kind of general anesthesia, so I was wide awake and lucid for the entire thing.  

Step of hand throwing away blue disposable gloves medical, Isolated on white background. Infection control concept.

To say that that brings a whole new meaning to the term local anesthesia is an understatement. I'm lying there, the dock is chatting with me, you know, trying to keep up a conversation to keep it light. I was not ready for light. He makes the first incision, and that's no problem, but then it's time to find the little tubes (Vas Deferens) that he has the sever, and then tie off each end. 

That's when it gets interesting and in retrospect kind of funny.

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Now he has to find the tubes one at a time. Have you ever lost the string on your hoodie and you have to kind of work it back to the hole to get it out again so you can grab the string? Well, that's what it was like only with me. Down where? Well, you know. And they're slippery little guys. You got to have a good grip.  


So, he finds the first one. (There are two.) He's worked it out through the incision and must cut it. He explains to me that this tube is very sensitive in fact, he says it's basically a nerve bundle so, it's very sensitive and it requires a separate anesthetic. (again, very, very local) He then warns me it's coming, and my head explodes. Only for a fraction of a second, everything turns white in my vision, and then I wonder if it happened. He ties off the ends and he's done with that one. Now it's time for #2. 

This one took a little bit longer, he told me when you get nervous the tubes tend to contract and they become harder to find and it is more difficult to get out of the incision. (oh fun) 

Guys, are you ready to get your vasectomy yet? 

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Look, the story goes on, but the moral is. Get the general anesthesia. It's worth it. You don't want to remember this. Get it done. Get your ice pack. Go home, try to relax. Also, technical tip, take the advice from your doctor and get a jockstrap. You're going to want to protect those boys from any bouncing or jostling until they're not tender. (Is that too much information?) 

Why Vasectomies Are Highly Desired This Week (
Vasectomies increase during March Madness - UT Health San Antonio ( 

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