For the most part, my life has turned out pretty good. I can't complain but there is one aspect of my life that my mother would complain about, loudly. Gardening, I do not like, nor have I ever liked to garden. I don't want to get my hands in the dirt. I don't want to plant little trees and watch them grow. I'm barely willing to mow my lawn. But I stumbled across something that made me wonder if maybe I should reconsider gardening? 

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Naked Gardening. (yeah, that's what I said) I had no idea, but it turns out naked gardening is a thing now. There's even a list you can find of the best cities for naked gardening. The list contains 500 cities that are considered friendly to naked gardening. That means they are friendly to you being in your birthday suit outdoors with minimal fear of legal exposure for tickets or jail time. (A fence might be necessary) 

According to,
We compared 500 of the biggest U.S. cities based on 4 categories – Nude Gardener Friendliness, Local Interest, Weather Forecast, and Safety. Specifically, we considered the number of local nudists, legality of public nudity, Google searches, and forecasts for May 4, among 11 total metrics.” 

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In the top five Naked Gardening Friendly Cities, you have...
Asheville, NC at #5.
Austin, TX is #4.
New York, NY has #3.
Philadelphia, PA #2.
And the number one city favorable to naked gardening is Miami, FL.  

In all of these towns, I would think that sunscreen is not optional. taking a look at the northwest. 

Salem OR clocks in at #88.
Way down at #222 is Yakima. (The Palm Springs of Washington.)
Kennewick comes in at #230.
Portland OR at 272.
Beaverton, OR at 3:35.
Bellevue, WA at 381.
And Spokane, WA at 382. 

attachment-naked 1

Now, when you look at the list, it has Western Washington cities way down in the three and four hundreds, but if you look at the map, (see it above) it lists Seattle with an overall ranking of 12. I don't know how that works but that's what they have. (It confuses me.) 

Honestly, I still don't see myself doing any naked gardening, especially around rose bushes. Those thorns could be prickly. Also, you have got bugs in your garden. In fact, you want bugs in your garden, but I don't want bugs on my epidermis. Just think of all the little crevices they can crawl into. (or maybe don't think about it) 

Mulching the garden with red cedar woodchip

No, I'm sorry, I'm still not into it.  

but as for you, hey let your freak flag fly. 

2024's Best Cities for World Naked Gardening Day - LawnStarter 

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