The Swiss Army knife. When I was a kid, everybody had one. I did. My dad did. My brother did, probably my granddad did. In this day and age in general, we don't give our kids knives anymore. It's probably one of those “triggers” that freaks out parents and educators. I know, I'm showing my age here.

So here is the latest development.
the company that manufacturers the Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox will soon be offering a Swiss Army Knife, without a knife. (Yes, no blade.)  

according to,
“With innovation at the core of our brand, we are constantly listening to our consumers and their needs; and acknowledge that there is an appetite for the functionality, versatility, and craftsmanship the Swiss Army Knife is known for in more specialized fields and situations,” said the spokesperson.”

Aside from the debate, that will probably rage on for months on end as to whether or not it is truly a “Swiss Army knife”. I have to wonder if there's really a market for this thing. Is it going to look the same when it's folded up? Is it going to fit in your pocket?  

If the form factor of this “Swiss army knife” like product. (Without a blade.) Is similar to their other products. Does that make it a much smaller, less robust version of a Leatherman? 

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Victorinox Vision for the new Swiss Army knife (without a blade) Is a specialized tool for various individuals, like a cyclist. Individuals like a cyclist or a golfer.
According to,
“The Victorinox dynasty was founded in 1884 by Karl Elsener and the company – famed for its cross in a shield emblem – has been handed down through generations. In recent years, the company has released new product lines such as socks, time pieces and fragrances as it attempts to counteract the pressures of Switzerland’s strong currency, the franc.”

So, the question is. Will I be giving my grandkids a Swiss, not army knife for Christmas or birthdays? 

I don't think so. Maybe you think differently. 

 The new Swiss Army Knife will be missing a key feature | CNN Business 

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