I spend more than half of the time driving in my car at night. As I get older, I find it a little more difficult to drive at night. Especially with glare from people with their high beams on. Most people are very courteous about it but sometimes they forget. 

My car has the new automatic dimmers. They seem to work OK. Sometimes they do get confused. I'll be driving to work on 97-A and my brights are on, and I'll come over the hill and there's Rocky Reach Dam and the lights from Rocky Reach Dam will cause my high beams to dim. They do come back on, but sometimes I think my car is a little embarrassed about it. 

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If an oncoming driver fails to dim his brights It does bother me a little. But then I think back before I had the automatic dimmers I would forget sometimes as well so I can't get too upset about it. 

Pickup trucks can be an issue for me. If the driver is towing a trailer, sometimes it pushes the back of the truck down and aims the lights up into my face. That's no fun. 

And if the truck has a lift kit on it, well that just pushes the lights right up into my face, they need to re-aim them.  

Woman Driving at Night

What headlight laws do we have in Washington state?
according to headlightadvice.com,
“In Washington state, headlights must be turned on 30 minutes after sunset and remain on until 30 minutes before sunrise. Additionally, headlights must be used when visibility is less than 500 feet due to weather conditions.” 

So, is there a law about dimming your high beams? 

According to Carparts.com.
“In Washington You must dim your high beam lights when within: 

  • 500 feet of traffic 
  • 300 feet of another vehicle 

The use of high beams is prohibited in fog, snow, or rain.” 

Headlights of cars driving in fog at night

If you're driving on 97 A early in the morning, please, please remember to dim your high beams when somebody's on coming because it could be me. And if I don't dim my high beams? Blame it on my car, it forgot. 

Choosing The Right Headlight Set: Everything You Need to Know - headlights.com 

Simple Guide to High-Beams: When You Must Dim Your High Beam Lights When Driving - In The Garage with CarParts.com 

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