I can't recall ever meeting anyone who wants to pay more taxes, especially state taxes. It seems like every election cycle somebody wants to initiate a Washington state income tax and it gets voted down every time. The Washington State gas tax. I don't know about you, but I've thought it's been out of whack for years, there must be a more equitable way to raise taxes to fix our roads. 

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There will be 3 tax issues on the ballot this November. According to crosscut.com,
voters polled on the language of the three initiatives funded by hedge fund CEO Brian Heywood, 41% said they would likely vote yes to prohibit state agencies from imposing any type of carbon tax program, 31% would vote no (to keep the cap-and-invest program) and 28% said they were undecided. Those numbers changed slightly – 43% to repeal, 34% to keep the program and 23% undecided – when the poll asked a second question that explained some pro and con arguments for each position.” 


Even the people running this poll admit that on issues like this, the polling numbers usually are strong against and then gradually decrease. The state's new cap-and-invest system has brought in approximately $2 billion into state coffers and they've certainly found things to spend it on. 

The capital gains tax. predominantly is used to help fund K through 12 education with other money from that tax going to help fund school construction. 

Washington's long-term insurance care program has been unpopular with most voters. That program helps to pay for nursing care and other services for our aging population. 

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What is going to happen to these programs? Well, you get to decide at the polls in November. Learn about these programs and what they do, and then decide if you want them or want to get rid of them. 

Honestly, I still haven't made up my mind. 

Washington voters favor anti-tax initiatives — for now | Cascade PBS News (crosscut.com) 

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