Kids need places to play. And the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department decided that they should build a play area at Denny Blaine Park. The problem is It would be located next to an unofficial but very popular nude beach. According to This did not go down well with the local community.

Nude Beach Sign

During a public meeting on Wednesday night, hundreds of people attended to express that they did not want plans for the playground to move forward, with some saying they saw the plan as a way to force the nude-friendly beach out.” 

Now here's where it gets interesting, and, unfortunately, political. According to  

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“The playground would cost around $550,000, and much of the funding for the project would come from an anonymous private donor, who gave the money on the condition that the playground be put in Denny Blaine Park.” reported.  

“The fact that the donation is being done anonymously, and it’s conditional on a playground being built here, feels like someone is trying to leverage politics to shove off the people who’ve always been using this beach,” Debs said. “So the fact that the playground is conditional and the funding by the private donor, it feels difficult to deny that it has to be an attack on the culture of the beach.” 

Happy kids in the park

The result, Seattle Parks and Recreation has scrapped their plans to build the children's play area at Denny Blaine Park. 

 How do you feel about this? 

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