Mornings 5AM - 10AM

Big Rock Show

Before he was Uncle Dave he was just Dave. Born and raised in Burien Washington Dave didn’t get interested in Radio (other than listening to KOL-FM during the summer of love) until CWU and the campus radio station. Dave became Uncle Dave in the mid 90’s.

Middays 10AM - 3PM

Hunter Lamb

Hunter Lamb was born amongst the hippies and yuppies of San Francisco, CA. His favorite activity is inactivity. He once had three ducks named Huey, Lewis, and The News (really)! His favorite band is Led Zeppelin; his favorite album is Abby Road.

Afternoons 3PM - 7PM


Bzet was born in the back of a ‘59 rambler on Mother’s Day in Ohio. He left home at the early age of 8 and hitchhiked across the United States and landed in Washington State. His formal education came from the streets where he earned a GED in life. Bzet’s hobbies include not going to work, motorcycles and free golf. He also jocks a rock show on the The Quake 102.1

Saturday 11PM - 12AM

Get The Led Out

Hangout with Carol Miller each Saturday night as they host an hour of Zeppelin music, stories and interviews.

Sunday 6AM - 10AM

With Bill St. James

Bill St. James was born in West Hartford, Connecticut, an idyllic Midwestern town located in New England. Other notables native to West Hartford include Woodstock legend Wavy Gravy, David Naughton of “I’m A Pepper, You’re a Pepper” fame, Dictionary author Noah Webster, and that J. Peterman guy from “Seinfeld.”

Sunday 8PM - 10PM

With Steve Downes

Taking care of you with the classics each Sunday night!

Sunday 10PM - 12AM

Live in Concert

Some of the best time you'll ever have on a Sunday night!