Here in Wenatchee, WA, we all believe that Wenatchee is the Apple capital of the world. (And the buckle of the power belt.) I mean, that's what it says on the masthead of the Wenatchee World newspaper. We all assume that Idaho must be the potato capital. I mean, Idaho is famous for potatoes, right? Everybody knows you get potatoes from Idaho. 

Agricultural potato harvest
U. J. Alexander

Potatoes are also a huge cash crop for Washington State and now there is an interesting statistic that may indicate that Washington is turning into the potato capital, at least in productivity. According to,
Washington State holds the top spot for highest potato yield per acre; with more than 300 farmers grow potatoes in Washington and the annual harvest averages 30 tons per acre, twice as much as the average yield in the United States, setting the world record for the World's highest potato yield per acre,” 

French fries.

Washington potatoes are very popular. Almost 90% of our total potato crop per year is sold outside of the state. 65% of all the French fries made in Washington state. (And we make a lot of French fries) are shipped to Japan.  

Quincy, Washington is a major hub for growing and processing potatoes. The long growing season, the rich soil and the availability of water make Eastern Washington a prime location for potato production. The Washington state Potato Commission also says. In the Skagit Valley growing region between Seattle and the Canadian border, the mild marine climate and rich soil create perfect conditions for red, white and yes… blue potatoes.” (Now I want some blue potato French fries.)

Different colors and varieties of potatoes in a grocery store
Yelena Rodriguez Mena

Idaho is still the top producer of potatoes in the United States, but Washington state is number 2.

Celebrate the Washington potato. 

French fries in box

I will be celebrating at lunchtime. 

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