According to the Grant County Sheriff's Office. They received word of a local citizen who fell victim to one of the many PayPal scams that's swindlers are using now. Scammers are sending fake invoices from real PayPal email addresses. 

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This is how it works. 

First, the scammer creates a fraudulent PayPal business account. Or they use a hacked account to send a real PayPal invoice. 

Second, the e-mail looks legitimate. Because it is. But the seller note will include an explanation of why you owe this money and a phone number for you to call for help. 

3rd if you call the provided number. (And this is the thing to avoid.) They will ask you to download a remote administration tool that the scammers can use to control your computer. They'll tell you they are helping, but instead they'll access all your records. (financial records, Social Security numbers, and the like. That you have stored on your computer and they will steal them.) 

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Don't get scammed, this is what you need to do. 

If you receive a suspicious e-mail. Go directly to and log into your account. Check for recent purchases and invoices to see if the invoice is legitimate. If it is, check the store and sender to see if you recognize them. If you don't recognize them, contact PayPal directly and inform them of the scam. 

This is a lot of things to remember to do but you need to do it to protect yourself. 

Remember. PayPal customer support will never ask you to download a program or a file. If you receive an e-mail or a text message that you think may be a scam, just delete it and move on. 

Stuart Miles

These scammers are not just hanging out in a local coffee house targeting Grant County. These are professional thieves working from places all around the globe, and they want to steal your money. 

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