Don't feel bad because you're not the only one. Regifting has been going on for years, and the odds are you've been regifted as well. Regifting is that phenomenon that occurs after Christmas Day when something you received under the tree was “really Quite nice” but was just not your thing. What do you do? You save it and give it to somebody else next Christmas. 

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It's clear that regifting has become a significant part of our holiday traditions. While not every present can find its forever home the first time around, the spirit of giving continues in the form of regifting, which supports both our emotional and economic well-being during the holiday season has a very cool interactive map that explains. That shows you exactly what each state in the USA is doing.

What I find interesting about this whole regifting thing is the number of people that are doing it. Above are some percentages from states in the USA. 

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Here are the percentages of the top five regifting states. according to 

“Top 5 Regifting States: 

  1. 1.    Rhode Island: 83%
    2.    Nevada: 59%
    3.    New York: 56%
    4.    Arizona: 54%
    5.    Utah: 53% 

Washington's re-gifting economy is sizeable too - 28% of Washingtonians admit to selling on or gifting unwanted presents, making the size of its re-gifting economy a whopping $264,405,310.” 

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Here are some interesting facts gathered by 

  • “Over two-thirds (71%) say they have received a gift that they knew immediately would never use or wear. Whether they kept it or cleverly circulated it is a holiday mystery. 
  • 38% percent of respondents believe it is morally wrong to sell or re-gift a present they have received. Although, out of the 62% who have sold or regifted a present, almost half (47%) have felt regret in having done so. 
  • Turns out, selling those not-so-perfect presents isn't just for laughs; nearly half do it to jingle some extra coins into their pockets. 
  • But be warned, nearly half of these secret Santas have been caught! And, in a shameless holiday faux pas—44% have accidentally regifted to the original giver! 
  • Almost half of merry survey participants see flipping gifts as a savvy side hustle. It's all about staying financially frosty over the holidays, with 49% saying it's their secret to not breaking the bank. 
  • 50% percent of survey participants acknowledge purchasing gifts for others while specifically hoping that these items would eventually be given back to them.” 

So, gift or re gift, that is the question.  

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I won't tell if you won't. 

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